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Internet falls in love with ‘wrinkliest cat alive’: ‘He looks like something from Pluto’

A hairless, wrinkly cat is going viral on Instagram after thousands of users embraced his strange-yet-adorable appearance.

Xherdan, a 6-year-old sphynx cat, certainly isn’t the most conventionally cute pet, but thanks to his owner, Sandra Filippi, he’s now amassed more than 24,000 Instagram followers.

Filippi, who is from Rüti, Switzerland, told Insider she’s had Xherdan since he was only 12 weeks old, adding that she “was in love” as soon as she saw him.

Filippi shares photos of Xherdan on a near-weekly basis, and almost all of her posts have a few things in common. Each features her pink-skinned, wrinkly feline, typically staring at the camera in a seemingly dissatisfied way.

The other constant? Filippi’s incredibly positive captions, which juxtapose perfectly with her Xherdan’s scowling face.

“HAPPY CATURDAY,” a recent post reads. “Many kisses to all of you.”

Despite Xherdan’s unfriendly look, Filippi told Insider that sphynx cats “should always be kept in close contact with other Sphynx cats, otherwise they will wither away.” She added that her family has two other felines to keep him company.

And Xherdan has also gained company in the form of his Instagram followers, who constantly share reactions to his unusual image.

“He looks like something from the planet Pluto,” one wrote on a recent photo.

“He’s the wrinkliest wrinkle baby alive! I love him!” another added.

“I want this cranky little goblin,” another wrote.

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