This 'extremely cool' TikTok trend is helping teens get out of potentially dangerous situations

Teens on TikTok have started to use the platform for good. The latest trend on the social media app involves users recording fake conversations that can be used in rideshares like Uber and Lyft if and when people feel unsafe.

Though each of the videos and fake conversations are slightly different, they all mention having some sort of a location tracker on. When played out loud, these videos are supposed to make rideshare drivers believe that passengers’ movements are being tracked by their loved ones.

A Twitter thread started by student Haaniyah Angus highlights some of the many videos teens can use to ward off predators. Since being posted on March 14, it has gone viral with more than 132,000 retweets and more than 445,000 likes.

Social media has responded well to this new TikTok trend. “The teens are extremely cool and good,” one Twitter user wrote in response to Haaniyah’s thread. Another user responded that they’re “loving this trend.”

Though it might seem like it would make more sense to actually call someone instead of playing a video, many Twitter users have pointed out that there is no guarantee that someone will pick up their phone during a crisis. These TikTok videos ensure that teens have a way to stay safe when they feel like their lives may be in danger.

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