Google Earth is offering tours of 31 national parks, and suddenly being stuck inside isn’t so bad

Spring is on the horizon, but with many outdoor activities on hold for the next several weeks, it may be a little harder to get your nature fix.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go hiking. In fact, you can visit some of the country’s most beautiful places without ever leaving your couch.

That’s thanks to Google Earth, which currently offers virtual tours of 31 U.S. national parks. The tours have been available since 2019, but they’re becoming an increasingly appealing option as more Americans are being forced to stay home.

Yes, the real thing will always be better, but the tours are incredibly in-depth, complete with high-quality photos, 360-degree views and information about each trail.

Google Earth
Google Earth

All of the country’s most high-profile parks are featured, including the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Arches National Park and Yosemite. There are also a few lesser-known options, such as Wind Cave National Park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Channel Islands National Park.

Basically, there’s something for every type of home-bound nature enthusiast. If you’re into deserts, check out Death Valley. Love the ocean? Try Virgin Islands National Park. Prefer the woods? How about the Great Smokey Mountains?

You can try out the feature on Google Earth here. From there, you can pick your park and get moving — at least, metaphorically.

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