Twitter is obsessed with these parents’ St. Patrick's Day celebration: 'Cutest thing I've ever seen'

Two lively parents are going viral after they refused to let social distancing damper their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The duo, described by journalist Christina Cauterucci as her “very responsible 65+ parents,” recorded a video of themselves, dressed in all green, stepping through a sort of Irish jig while traditional music played in the background.

Cauterucci shared the clip on Twitter, adding that her parents “threw themselves their own St. Patrick’s Day parade.”

In the clip, Cauterucci’s parents are seen holding hands and dancing as her father juggles a single green ball up and down. They then begin stepping forward and backward, as Cauterucci’s mom sticks out her feet for a miniature step dance.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day … from the Cauteruccis!” her mom says while laughing.

The video immediately went viral and has been viewed more than 160,000 times since it was posted on March 15. Shared just in time for St. Patrick’s Day — which falls on March 17 — the clip drew plenty of uplifting reactions from Twitter users.

“Your parents are adorable,” one user wrote.

“This may be The cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Cauterucci later followed up in the comments with an update, saying the video was actually conceived by her aunt, who wanted everyone in their family to contribute to a “virtual parade.”

“I drank some scotch for ours bc we didn’t have Irish whiskey,” Cauterucci wrote of her own video, which she did not share.

Still, it seemed as though one dance routine was enough for Cauterucci’s followers, who found the video both charming and hilarious.

“Are your parents adopting, by any chance?” one user asked.

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