Penguins visit other animals during rare aquarium ‘field trip’

The penguins of Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are getting a taste of the tourist life.

Since the building is closed to the public, staff members plan to test innovative ways to keep the animals entertained.

“Caretakers are getting creative in how they provide enrichment to animals – introducing new experiences, activities, foods and more to keep them active, [encouraging] them to explore, problem-solve and express natural behaviors,” the aquarium told In The Know.

Some of the penguins took a “field trip” to meet other animals in the aquarium’s Amazon Rising exhibit.

A penguin named Wellington was particularly fascinated by the fish, including the red-bellied piranhas and the black-barred silver dollars — and they seemed to return the interest.

Commenters responded to videos and photos of the birds with glee.

“Just smile and wave boys,” Twitter user DougHernandez7 said, drawing comparison to the antics of the penguins in the movie “Madagascar.”

Another penguin named Monte visited the dolphins at the Polar Play Zone, and photos would suggest the encounter went well.

“Oh to be a penguin wandering around the aquarium and making friends,” Instagram user unlnspired wrote in the comments.

The aquarium told In The Know that its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will serve as a “real-time window” into the lives of animals and caregivers as the building remains closed to visitors.

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