Non-binary person slams grocery store customer for being rude


A non-binary resident in Pennsylvania has gone viral for a story in which they confronted a grocery store customer for being disrespectful.

Thomas Hudson, an Oklahoman native who currently lives in Pittsburgh and works as a youth engagement coordinator at LGBTQ+ nonprofit Hugh Wellness, took to Facebook on Feb. 25. to discuss the incident.

“Today while grocery shopping someone was brave enough to ask me… ‘ Why are you wearing that you’re confusing folks. Do you want to be a boy or a girl?’ Hudson recalled.

Taken aback, Hudson, who does not identify exclusively as masculine or feminine, said they responded in kind.

“I laughed and simply replied ‘Neither, I want to be comfortable and left the fuck alone. The source of your confusion is not my concern, nor my responsibility. I wore this today because I wanted to. If you’d like to make a monthly donation to my wardrobe I’d be happy to consider your opinion on my attire,'” they said.

Unsurprisingly, the customer didn’t agree to Hudson’s request, so Hudson said he would “continue to be queer AF, and unbothered.”

The Pennsylvanian resident’s post has since gone viral — it has received over 56,000 reactions and nearly 300 comments.

“Beards and skirts are my vibe,” one person wrote. “Keep slaying gorgeous!”

“Gorgeous, beaming with beauty and overflowing with what we need more of in this world,” another commented. “Rad, rad you.”

The overwhelming response led Hudson to edit their post and ask the public to show Hugh Wellness support on Facebook by liking the nonprofit’s Facebook page.

“It’s amazing to have a workplace that encourages me to show up as my most authentic self,” they wrote.

According to the Pennsylvania chapter of the ACLU, neither Pennsylvania law nor federal statutes prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Over 40 of the state’s local governments, however, have ordinances that do forbid such discrimination.

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