Netflix’s ‘Party’ mode lets you binge with your friends — without anyone leaving their house


Yes, some extra time at home does mean plenty of opportunities to catch up on your favorite TV shows — but eventually, that excitement will fade.

I mean, how many times can you really rewatch “Schitt’s Creek?” And until season 2 of “Love Is Blind” becomes officially official, tearing through Netflix series by yourself is going to get old soon. It’s tragic, but it’s true.

But misery loves company, which is why more and more streaming service users are taking advantage of Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that lets you remotely watch TV and movies with your friends.

The plugin, which can be downloaded in your browser and used whenever you’re watching Netflix, lets you host “parties” with other viewers — with each of you relaxing in the comfort of your own couch or bed.

Once you launch a “party,” Netflix gives you a link to share with any other users you want. They can then click the link and watch along with whatever show or movie you’ve picked. The “party” can then react live in a group chat, as well as start or pause programs at the same time — just to make sure everyone’s at the same spot in the program.

The feature’s newfound popularity comes while many theaters nationwide, including Regal and AMC, have shut down for at least the next few weeks. Many social media users were excited to find the new viewing option, sharing an open invitation for others to watch along.

“Tonight I’m setting up a Netflix Party chrome extension and watching Space Jam with my friends if anyone wants to join,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Doing a stranger things netflix party tonight around 7pm EST for an hour and will do this every day for the remainder of the week,” another announced.

“This is just to say that Netflix Party is a perfect Chrome extension and a lovely way to spend a socially distanced night,” another wrote.

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