These 2 products will leave you looking and smelling fresh

These 2 products will leave you looking and smelling fresh

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Personal hygiene and basic skincare practices tend to go hand-in-hand. Specifically, when these targeted products are made for men, simplicity is the operative objective — and these two picks from Type: A and Scotch Porter prove to be both simple and effective.

Shop: Type: A Aluminum-Free Deodorant, $9.99

Credit: Type A Deodorant

Men tend to have more active sweat glands than women, so “odor-fighting” and “sweat-activated” are terms to look for when purchasing products, especially in the antiperspirant and deodorant categories.

This deodorant option from Type: A is aluminum-free and features sweat-activated technology. Making it one of the cleanest and safest body products on the market, it is also alcohol-free, stain-free, cruelty-free and carbon neutral.

Unlike most popular deodorants found on shelves, this product does not come in a stick, gel or spray form. Instead, it dispenses in a cream-like texture that is produced when the tube is squeezed. Since it is aluminum-free, this product may lead to a detoxing process for some that can last for about two weeks.

This Type: A deodorant is available in six scents and also comes in a to-go wipe form for even easier portability.

Shop: Scotch Porter Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub, $20.45

Credit: Amazon

Now that the under-arm area is under control, let’s get to the face.

Scotch Porter is a trusted and popular brand in men’s hair, face and body care, so it comes as no surprise that this particular product already has a loyal following.

The brand’s Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub is made with natural ingredients that are said to deeply clean and restore the skin. The product is described as being able to go “in deep to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and help stimulate blood flow to promote a healthier skin appearance.”

Its leading ingredients of activated charcoal and licorice and turmeric root are said to help tone and balance facial oils, “leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized.”

One shopper said the product promotes a “complete and thorough cleanse,” and added that it does the task “without a lot of work.”

Shop the Type: A Aluminum-Free Deodorant and the Scotch Porter Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub above!

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