This machine has put people to sleep for over 50 years


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More often than not, people crave their beds during the workday. But the second bedtime comes around, falling asleep is actually harder than you’d think. Whether it’s loud roommates or outside interruptions, over 7,000 people have slept through the disruptions with this classic product.

Like a lullaby, Dohm’s White Noise Machine will have you K.O.’d for a good night’s sleep. Listed as the original white noise machine that first came to the market in 1962, it’s still a hit product on Amazon. The machine is small enough to fit on your nightstand, but can fill an entire room to muffle out distracting noises. And with over 7,000 ratings on Amazon, it hasn’t lost its touch since the ‘60s.

As the experts on white noise, the product mentions that the sleep machine uses fans to create the muffling white noise sound. You can change the levels of the sound by twisting the top each way.

Shop: Dohm’s White Noise Machine, $40.78

Credit: Amazon

And don’t talk yourself out of this gem even if you don’t think you’ll use it for sleep. One shopper said it saved his sanity while enduring an entire construction site. Plus, another shopper gave it five stars as a means to save on electricity when they first began using a real fan for the soothing sounds. And one customer even used it to drown out the sound of their “rude neighbors” by putting it in the window. If any of these sound like a solution to your noise problems, you can shop Dohm’s White Noise Machine in black, camo, gray, and pink.

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