Woman disinvites groom’s mother from wedding over ‘unsettling’ decision: ‘This is not normal’

A woman is going viral on Reddit after sharing the reason she uninvited the groom’s mother from her best friend’s wedding.

The Redditor, writing under the username “ThrowRA-wentAll2hell” shared her story on the site’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. In the post, she described what happened as she helped plan a wedding for her best friend, Mina.

“Mina wanted a traditional pre-wedding party,” the woman explained, adding that she and Mina both belong to the Beidane culture of North Africa, which is known for both elaborate wedding celebrations and divorce parties.

The Redditor wrote that Mina was marrying a “white American guy” named Sean, but wanted to preserve parts of her culture. That wish included requiring a specific dress code at the bridal party — one that was ultimately not followed by Sean’s mother, Claire.

“In this party, it is very normal/common for women to dress in white-colored outfits or any color,” the Redditor wrote. “Claire attended the party dressed in her old wedding dress and the works. This is not normal and not part of our custom.”

‘I asked her to leave immediately’

The Redditor went on the explain that even though “Claire was well aware of what was appropriate to wear,” she still showed up in a wedding dress. The woman saw Claire in the parking lot — before Mina knew she’d arrived — and asked her to leave.

“She said she wasn’t going to [leave], and I had hotel security escort her out,” the Redditor wrote. “Mina enjoyed the party and only found out later that evening that her future mother in law was denied access.”

The decision to kick Claire out of the party drew mixed reactions. The Redditor said that Mina was supportive of the move, while Sean’s family was upset.

“Sean and his sisters have called me an a****** for denying their mother access and for saying that if [I am] doing this at this party that [I] will likely do way worse at the wedding in July,” her post read.

Claire, meanwhile, told the Redditor that she “wouldn’t be helping with the cost of the wedding if she can’t wear what she wants.”

‘This is not normal’

The post, which drew hundreds of comments during its first day on Reddit, received plenty of support from users who said the woman was right to ask Claire to leave.

“This is a super red flag,” one user wrote. “I really would recommend that Mina rethinks marrying Sean because not only will she be married to him, but also to HIS FAMILY. Mina needs to let Sean know that none of this is normal nor okay.”

“You are an excellent friend,” another told the Redditor. “Mina’s [future mother in law] is wicked out of line and it’s pretty unsettling that your friend is marrying someone who supports his mother behaving so badly.”

Others said that Sean should have stepped up and taken Mina’s side, as opposed to getting angry on his mom’s behalf.

“We wish Mina the best, but this direction is definitely not the best course of action,” another user wrote. “Sean is marrying her, right? Sean needs to acknowledge Minas the primary woman in his life, or Mina shouldn’t settle for less.”

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