Internet stunned by baker’s ‘mind-blowing’ McDonald’s recreation: ‘I was so confused at first’

A baker is taking social media users by storm with a “mind-blowing” version of a fast-food staple.

Natalie Sideserf, who owns the Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas, shared a photo of her newly created, McDonald’s “filet-o-fish” sandwich to Instagram on March 10.

The only problem? There wasn’t any fish, and it wasn’t a sandwich. Sideserf’s creation was actually a cake, which had been designed with meticulous decorating to look like a crispy, savory fast-food item.

The creation by Sideserf, who has appeared on cooking shows like “Nailed It!” and “Texas Cake House,” shocked many social media users who couldn’t believe they weren’t looking at a sandwich.

“I was so confused at first then i realized it was cake,” one Instagram commenter wrote.

“You are a wizard! Wowza,” another added.

“Please stop blowing my mind. I can’t keep affording new wigs,” another joked.

But the McDonald’s cake was nowhere near a first for Sideserf. The baker and her studio have been creating similarly breathtaking illusions for several years. Some of their most recent creations include a Taco Bell cake and a red velvet cake designed after Whataburger’s famous honey butter biscuit.

Sideserf has also designed desserts after famous characters like Baby Yoda, Homer Simpson and Steve Carell’s “Prison Mike” alter ego from “The Office.”

“For me, it’s conceptual,” Sideserf told the Daily Beast regarding her elaborate cakes. “I like to have a story behind it. I also have to research the person. I’m gathering photos from tons of angles, watching videos if I can find them.”

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