Lost dog lured home with smell of sizzling sausages

During a search and rescue mission in Scotland’s Fisherfield Forest on March 8, Border Collie Nell also went missing. Thankfully, all it took was a little bit of tenacity — and a lot of sizzling sausage — to lure her out of hiding and back to safety.

The dog was in the process of searching for two marathon runners — one of which was her owner — when she was frightened by the sound of a helicopter. Rescuers were unable to locate Nell on Sunday — but come Monday, they ingeniously used food to get her to come out of hiding.

“They fired up the barbeque [sic] and soon had sausages and bacon sizzling,” a spokesperson for Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team told the BBC. “Having been lured closer by the smell of food, a nervous Nell was eventually secured and after a picnic lunch, she and her rescuers walked the five miles back to the roadside.”

Amidst the chaos of Nell’s Houdini act, rescuers were able to locate her owner and the other missing runner on Sunday. According to the rescue team, the runners had mild hypothermia, but are otherwise unharmed and recovering nicely.

Nell also seems to be recovering well. In a Facebook post, her owner shared an update, noting that she “still has a stick in her mouth as always.” Sizzling sausage and a stick? Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

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