Gadget protects drink from unwanted contaminants

If there’s something everyone hates, it’s this — coming back to a drink that doesn’t quite taste the same. Perhaps the second-most annoying thing anyone can experience while dining at a restaurant or drinking at a bar is accidentally tipping over a drink and wasting good alcohol (or soda, if said person prefers non-alcoholic drinks).

Luckily, the fine folks at My Cup Condom found a creative — and somewhat questionable — solution to these problems. In 2019, the product’s founders Nicole and Christine took action after hearing more than enough horror stories about partygoers getting drugs slipped into their drinks. The two came together to create My Cup Condom — a cover made of 100 percent natural rubber latex. Yes, you read that right.

“We are the contraception for your cup, providing protection against the source of contamination and leakage,” the brand’s mission statement reads. “Remember to Stay Protected & Slip On a My Cup Condom With Your Next Sip.”

Sold in the U.S. and Canada, the “condom” comes in packs of three ($4.99), six ($7.99) and 12 ($13.99). For those who are obsessed with the brand, fear not — a shirt is also available for $14.99.

If you think we’re making this product up, just for entertainment purposes trust us. We’re not.

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