This natural deodorant on Amazon is the only one that’s ever worked for me

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I’ve been pretty good about switching to products that are efficient, non-toxic and non-irritating. From moisturizers to cleansers, there are thankfully a plethora of options that fit the major requirements for my sensitive skincare routine.

However, with all the game-changing products on the market, there was still one item that I seemed to be on an endless search for: natural deodorant — and trust me, I’ve tried many of them.

From well-known to niche brands, it felt like nothing could work or feel like an actual antiperspirant. If there was one that I started to like, it would soon lack in other areas that would leave me feeling disappointed.

Amidst the frustration, little did I know that there would soon be a solution to my sticky situation. Not only did it exceed all my expectations, but it’s aluminum-free, specifically made for those with sensitive skin and has been really great in preventing any sweat or odor.

Shop: Each & Every All Natural Deodorant Rose & Vanilla, $15

Credit: Amazon

Free from baking soda, parabens and phthalates, this deodorant also doesn’t contain alcohol or synthetic fragrances. It’s even cruelty-free and vegan.

Other things I enjoy about it? It doesn’t sting me when applying, nor does it leave a weird, uncomfortable residue that’s bothersome throughout the day. Although this option is a bit on the pricier side of deodorants, I personally think that it’s so worth it.

But don’t just take my word for it, one five star reviewer on Amazon wrote, “I was initially VERY reluctant to pay 15 dollars for a small container of deodorant, but, after trying several disappointing less expensive options, I decided to give this a try.I love this product. Worth all 15 dollars, it doesn’t stain, or irritate my skin, it goes on easy, it lasts. The scent is great, natural and subtle. I have been looking for a deodorant that uses magnesium instead of baking soda as its anti odor agent. This product fit the bill, it is a creamy solid texture. Goes on easily, keeps odor down. I do usually reapply at the end of my work day before going out in the evening. Overall I would say well worth the cost, especially if you really want a chemical free product and you are sensitive to Baking soda.”

While I’ve been using the Rose & Vanilla option (rose essential oil is mostly agreeable with my skin), there is also an unscented and fragrance-free option, which is ideal for those who don’t react well with essential oils in general.

Shop: Each & Every Natural Deodorant Unscented, $15

Credit: Amazon

If you haven’t switched to an aluminum-free deodorant, you might be wondering, “Is it really that important?” While the link between antiperspirants and health issues still remains debatable, Dr. Benjamin Chan of Penn Family Medicine Phoenixville explains that “aluminum might be of greater concern if you have kidney problems, especially if your kidney function is about 30 percent or less.”

He continues, “Too much aluminum in your body can cause bone diseases or dementia. Usually, excess aluminum is filtered out of your body by your kidneys. So, people with weakened kidney function can’t filter aluminum fast enough. However, if you have normal kidney function, your kidneys can usually process the amount of aluminum from antiperspirants and cosmetics that is absorbed through your skin.”

While everybody’s preferences can be different, you’ll want to stick with whatever works best for you. No matter what you choose, if you do decide to switch to a natural deodorant and haven’t been able to find the right one, this hidden gem is definitely worth considering.

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