Avoid buying special moving supplies with these packing tips

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Let’s face it, almost every aspect of moving can be stressful. When it comes to moving into a new apartment or home, the excitement should outweigh the stress, especially if you’re equipped with all the right packing tools, tips, and tricks.

So instead of spending an excessive amount on packing materials to ensure your valuables stay put during the move, we’ve come up with a few DIY hacks that you’ll want to save the next time you’re in a hurry to pack up all of your clothes or kitchen items.

To make your next big move go as smoothly as possible, check out the tips and products below, and see them in action in our Home Hacks video above.

1. Don’t let picture frames break in transport

You can use pool noodles to secure different sized photo frames instead of packing with bubble wrap or newspaper. Be sure to measure the size of your frames first before cutting the noodles. Once you’ve sized down the pool floats, slice them down the middle so that they’ll act as a cushion.

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2. Use coffee filters to protect plates

If you want to stack dishware in boxes but are concerned they might chip during the move, you can secure them by using coffee filters — yes, you read that right. Instead of using paper towels or newspaper, you can flatten the coffee filter and use between each of your plates.

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3. Tuck spices into pots

If you have an abundance of spices in your kitchen but don’t want to toss them, you can pack them in large pots with lids. Wrap a towel around them to make sure they won’t budge during transit.

4. Slide hanging clothes directly into plastic bags

While clothes are still hanging in your closet or on a clothing rack, you can slip clear trash bags over them instead of packing into individual boxes.

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5. Make DIY vacuum bags

Using Ziploc bags and your vacuum, place the vacuum nozzle into the plastic bag and seal tightly around the nozzle. After all the air is out, secure the opening with a rubber band.

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