This $7 sponge is a ‘Shark Tank' best-selling product

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When you find a new gadget that makes daily chores easier, it’s hard to revert back to tools that just aren’t getting the job done. In this case, when I started using the Scrub Daddy sponge, the way I cleaned pots, pans and any other dish forever changed.

I’ve always hated using traditional sponges to clean dishes because they start smelling and get moldy almost instantly after use. But one of the best things about Scrub Daddy sponges is that they are odor-free (for up to eight weeks!) and can change textures thanks to its highly engineered polymer foam, which means they can be used on more than a dozen surfaces without scratching, including glass and non-stick pans. Plus, after you’re done rinsing dishes, you can remove all debris and food particles from the Scrub Daddy with just a few squeezes and warm water — nothing is staying inside or on this sponge!

Shop: Scrub Daddy Original FlexTexture Sponge, $6.99

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And while you might think Scrub Daddy’s cute smiley face is just for fun, it has a function, too. You can easily clean both sides of spoons or other utensils in one motion in the mouth opening of the sponge, and you can use the eyeholes as a way to hold the sponge as you clean the bottom and insides of containers or cups.

Today, the Scrub Daddy is Shark Tank’s second best-selling product of all time, but there’s an amazing story behind the brand that’s now recognized as a household name.

The history of Scrub Daddy

Entrepreneur Aaron Krause initially developed the idea behind Scrub Daddy in 2006 after his knowledge from running a car buffing pads business, Dedication to Detail, from 1992 to 2008.

But what’s so ingenious about this cleaning tool, which simply looks like your everyday sponge for dishes, is that it becomes soft in warm water and hard and scrubby in cold water. And surprisingly, Kraus stumbled upon this genius function on accident when he was testing out the materials to create a hand scrubber for body shop mechanics and engineers.

Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank

After an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer that earned Krause the nickname “The Daddy of the Scrub Daddy,” he completed four successful on-air QVC shows. But still, Krause thought it was time to expand Scrub Daddy’s reach.

On an episode of Shark Tank on October 25, 2012, Krause pitched his Scrub Daddy company and was able to secure $200,000 for a 25% stake in the company with investor Lori Grenier.

And since it’s official launch, shortly after airing on the show, the sponge company has now grown to $209 million in sales, according to CNBC’s October 2019 coverage of the brand, making it the second top-selling product to come from Shark Tank — falling behind the sock brand Bombas.

More Scrub Daddy products

The Scrub Daddy brand has now grown into a full-blown cleaning tools line, with more than 20 products for any type of household cleaning. You can shop a Scrub Mommy that has a super absorbent foam side, or you can easily store your Scrub Daddy in the sink with its own caddy. Below we’ve rounded up more Scrub Daddy products that will have you throwing away old sponges for good.

Shop: Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy Multi-Surface Scouring Pad, $11.99

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Scrub Daddy Scrub Mommy Dual Sided Sponge & Scrubber 4-Count, $14.99

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Scrub Daddy Colors FlexTexture Sponge 9-Count, $26.99

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Scrub Daddy Sponge Caddy, $8.99

Credit: Amazon

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