Woman takes mom to club, instantly regrets it: 'I was obviously super embarrassed'

An Indiana woman took her mother to a club on a cruise and almost immediately regretted it.

In June 2019, Alicia Cheng, a third-year pharmacy student at Purdue University, went on a seven-day cruise to Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti with family. One night, Cheng and her sister Angie decided to party at one of the boat’s clubs.

“My mom heard us talking about it and followed us along (my sister loved it, but I was obviously super embarrassed),” Cheng told In The Know. “This was her first time going out with us, and she was a rockstar.”

Still, Cheng couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed about how much fun her 59-year-old mother, Jia Li Mason, had on the dance floor with Angie.

“My mom didn’t notice I was recording because she was too busy watching other people dance and mimicking them,” Cheng said. “If you watch the videos closely, you can see her watching the people in the background and copying their moves. My mom always wiggles her hips and moves her butt at home to ‘exercise’ so the dancing at the club wasn’t that much different for her!”

Mason, who owns a hair salon, reportedly got her moves while performing at the Beijing opera as a pipa player.

“When I was young, I always liked dance, just different dances,” the mother said. “I liked to dance traditional dances, not like the freestyle dances you kids do. I just make it up.”

Last Wednesday, Cheng shared videos of her mother dancing on the Facebook page “subtle asian traits.”

“Never. Bring. Asian. Mom. To. The. Club,” she joked.

Cheng’s post immediately went viral — it received nearly 3,000 reactions and over 1,000 comments.

“I feel the embarrassment,” one person wrote.

“Bruh I love her lmao I’d bring her every time!” another wrote.

Mason has since taken her newfound fame in stride.

“I feel great! At my age, I can let the younger generation like it,” Cheng’s mother said. “I think they should encourage their parents to go and do that with them too! Life too short. Be with the kids and have more fun, it feels great! I am so glad that people like how I dance, they don’t look at me like I’m old. I’m so proud and happy people liked it!”

See more videos of Cheng’s hilarious videos below:

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