Woman gets 'catfished' by succulent: 'These last two years have been a lie'

A 24-year-old California woman’s dreams of being a plant parent shriveled up and died the day she realized the “perfect” succulent she had been nurturing for two years was actually plastic.

Caelie Wilkes shared the revelation in a viral Facebook post, which now has over 11,000 likes and 7,000 shares.

“I put so much love into this plant!” Wilkes wrote. “I washed its leaves. Tried my hardest to keep it looking it’s best, and it’s completely plastic!”

Wilkes even described how she would get “defensive” if anyone tried to water the succulent themselves. Depending on the type of succulent, some can live for decades with proper care. It goes without saying that plastic ones will “live” forever.

“Where the hell did the water go?” One Facebook user asked.

“Catfished by a succulent,” another user joked.

Wilkes’ story has circulated around the world since her post.

“You made it girl!” someone wrote on one of Wilkes’ Facebook updates. “People in Denmark are talking about this


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