Wendy’s employee surprisingly quits in the middle of her shift: ‘Stop, are you serious?’


A former Wendy’s employee is going viral after quitting her job mid-shift with a dramatic gesture — and filming the entire thing.

Maria Kukulak worked for one of the fast-food chain’s locations in Illinois, but became frustrated with her managers, who she said treated her rudely and called her a “lost cause,” Fox News reported.

So Kukulak decided one day in mid-February that she was going to quit — and make a grand exit while doing so. A video of the incident, which Kukulak shared to both her TikTok and YouTube pages, chronicles her entire exit.

“Watch me quit,” the caption at the top of Kukulak’s video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times on TikTok, reads.

The now former fast-food worker starts her clip by explaining that she loves her job, and feels sad to leave somewhere she’s worked for a full year. However, she adds that her managers have been “very mean.”

“But first I’m gonna sweep and do my job and then leave, because I don’t wanna leave them with all the work,” she says.

Kukulak then says in the video that she’s going to announce her exit from the restaurant by jumping out of the drive-thru window, something she told Fox News she’d “always wanted” to do.

“Hey John, I quit,” Kukulak she says, before leaping out of the window and running away.

“Maria, stop,” a man, presumably Kukulak’s manager, can be heard saying. “Are you f****** serious?”

The now-viral clip earned thousands of comments from viewers, many of whom praised the stunt and Kukulak’s commitment to finishing her cleaning duties before she left.

“CEO of being a good coworker even while quitting,” one TikTok user wrote.

“She just motivated me to quit too,” another added.

Kukulak notes in her video that she had already been offered a new job at a gym, which she confirmed in an interview with Fox News. The former Wendy’s employee told the outlet that, so far, things were going better in her new situation.

“I have worked at my new job for one day and I already like it,” she said.

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