This liquid screen shield replaces those annoying plastic protectors

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We are all endlessly clumsy, especially when it comes to our phones. That’s why screen protectors are so necessary. Phone screens are prone to scratches and cracks, and screen protectors help mitigate the problem. But they also come with their own set of complications.

From air bubbles to dust, there always seems to be something trapped under a screen protector. And applying a screen protector is so troublesome that some cell phone providers charge a fee to help you get the thing on straight. But all of these troubles can be curbed by the “world’s first liquid screen protector.”

According to compostable phone case brand Pela, more than one billion glass and plastic screen protectors are bought and thrown away every year. That’s a whole lot of waste.

The brand hopes its zero-waste liquid screen protector, called Canopy, can change that.

Shop: Pela Canopy Zero Waste Liquid Screen Protector, $37.50 (Orig. $59.95)

Coming in a small corked glass vial, the natural protecting liquid hardens over your phone screen, increasing its strength by ten times. And the brand says one vial of is enough to protect three phones, and can even protect the glass on the back of your phone.

To apply, clean your screen with a microfiber cloth, then apply one-third of the vial to the cloth. After buffing in the product onto your phone’s screen and waiting two minutes, your phone is protected for a year. The brand recommends reapplying every 12 months. It also helps with streaks and fingerprints, which everyone can benefit from.

Credit: Pela

According to the brand, the liquid works by filling in the existing pores in your screen’s glass. The liquid hardens to form a very thin, very strong layer of glass on the surface. The liquid is engineered to covalently bond only with glass and no other surface. The brand believes in the tech so much that they’ll pay for the repairs up to $200 if your phone screen breaks after using Canopy.

But it looks like that repair promise isn’t used often. The Canopy protecting liquid also has almost 500 reviews and 5 stars on the Pela website.

“I drop my phone often…almost on a daily basis,” one reviewer writes. “I was a bit apprehensive using this at first, but it really does work!” Another reviewer adds, “I dropped my iPhone from the top of a flight of stairs (it fell out of my pocket) and it landed screen down on concrete. Picked it up and screen was still in tact. Definitely worth the money and I still have more left to use again!”

If you are always nervously checking your phone for potential cracks after a fall, this product is for you. Clumsiness has met its match.

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