This solar light accessory is a must-have for your travel adventures


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While most people associate light with electricity, let's not forget about the benefits of using solar power. It's useful, versatile and great for the environment, which is exactly why this MPOWERED Luci light is the perfect addition to your home.

It's a lantern that has ten warm LED lights and can be used as a light for any occasion. You can use it as a nightlight while camping, a cute centerpiece for an intimate party or barbeque, or as a light in remote place. And because it doesn't require any additional batteries, it's perfect for emergency situations when there's no extra batteries, outlets or charging stations in sight.

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And while it does need solar power to function, you also need to inflate it before using it. After that, you place it in direct sunlight for seven hours and it will be good for 12 hours of light.

We also love that it comes with three light settings: bright, super bright and strobe, so you can really set the mood. In addition, the product description states that it's "fully waterproof" and collapsible, making it an easy item to take with your everywhere.

For some Amazon shoppers, this Luci light turned out to be the perfect accessory for their home and travel adventures.

One reviewer mentioned how easy the product was to store.

"We have blackouts a few times every year. I did buy a bunch of flashlights and batteries but batteries run out and I'm always afraid I'll run short. So I looked up solar lights and found this product. It's really perfect because it is solar and you never need batteries. It's great too because it stores flat so I put them up to the window between the window and the shade to charge in the sun all day. It just takes a few puffs of sit to fill up and you are good to go."

Another reviewer raved about how long the Luci light lasted.

"Great light with great construction. Fantastic charge holding and fast recharging. My friends and I all have Luci lights and no one has ever been disappointed. My last one lasted 6 years of 4x per year backpacking and many car camping events. In many areas of Calif, we cannot have campfires so we turn one of these on, set it in the center of our group and use it as a substitute focal point. My most frequent use is in the tent"