One roll of these washable bamboo towels replaces up to 60 conventional paper towel rolls

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If there’s an opportunity to save money, especially when it comes to household necessities, we’re all for it. One of the most widely used — and often overused — items in arguably every household is paper towels.

On average, based on a 2017 study, Americans spend about $5.7 billion on paper towels a year. Proving that the country is oddly obsessed with these, the data showed that Americans spend nearly as much on this household essential as every other country in the world combined.

With rising awareness of global warming and sustainable living practices and the conscious effort to save money, we’ve found a way to indulge in this habit without guilt and waste.

Shop: Kitchen + Home Heavy Duty Bamboo Towels, $8.99

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Kitchen + Home has created its own line of heavy-duty and fully reusable Bamboo Towels. Thanks to its leading washable feature, these can be used repeatedly, with one roll said to replace 60 conventional paper towel rolls — That’s up to six months of standard paper towel use!

Made from a sustainable organic bamboo source, these super-strong towels have been proven to be more absorbent and durable than regular paper towels. Each roll comes with 20 perforated lint-free bamboo sheets and fits seamlessly in any regular paper towel dispenser.

Getting even more specific into its leading “reusability” feature, the product’s description explained that each tear-off sheet can be washed and reused “up to 120+ times before discarding.” Before reusing, sheets should either be machine-washed or hand-washed and air-dried.

Designed to be used just like conventional paper towels, these are perfect for household cleaning, travel, bathrooms, camping, daycare, car cleaning and can even be used on the skin and as name-brand sweeper refills.

Washable and reusable bamboo towels
Washable and reusable bamboo towels

Credit: Amazon

Hundreds of shoppers have been raving about these reusable towels, with one describing them as “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

“I am such a fan of these bamboo towels. I purchased 6 rolls a year and a half ago…and just came back and purchased 3 additional rolls to eventually replace the ones that have been permanently damaged from staining, worn from over use or accidentally thrown away,” one shopper wrote. “I have so many left from my original order that I haven’t even opened the three packs I just purchased.”

Another shopper even added another “use” to the extensive list: “I use these bamboo towels to wash dishes. They hold just enough water, are very abrasion resistant, dry fast so [they] don’t stink, can be machine washed when they look dirty.”

The same shopper also admitted to using them as wash cloths for personal use.

“I have started using the towels as wash cloths for my face,” the reviewer added. “Very soft, can scrub without causing irritation, they don’t snag my facial stubble too much and they rinse out easily for reuse… Great product.”

As the product description explains, “save trees while saving space and money” with this sustainable paper towel alternative.

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