Fast food franchise responds to Penn State students' video: 'I'm just in denial right now'

If anyone was “living más” on March 1, it was the student body at Penn State.

Dozens of students gathered in front of the campus Taco Bell that had recently closed its doors for the last time.

The students were in mourning over the fast-food spot, which had been on College Avenue since 2011. Videos filmed at the event circulated on social media, even resulting in a trending topic on Twitter. It’s not clear what caused the franchise to shut down at this location.

The student-created Facebook event advertised: “Join us as we spice things up outside of our beloved downtown food establishment. Being one of the best spots to spend a late night out, Taco Bell can never be replaced.”

Students left comments commiserating over the close.

“I remember waiting in line opening day of TBell breakfast. Heartbreaking,” wrote one person.

“I’m just in denial right now,” said another student.

Publications like Barstool Sports and even Penn State’s student newspaper promoted the event on Twitter.

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