Security footage reveals culprit behind package stolen from porch

In a tragic case of good boy gone bad, a canine burglar was captured on camera stealing a package right off his unsuspecting owner’s front porch.

The pilfering pooch, a black lab named Barkley who lives in New York with his owners, Jim and Kristin, was caught red-pawed nabbing a USPS package by the residents’ home security system.

“Package swiper on the loose,” Barkley’s owner captioned the video on Instagram.

The pup can then be seen running off with his spoils and retreating under the porch.

In December 2019, another naughty pet made headlines when he was caught in a similar misdeed.

Debbie Goines, an Oklahoma native, began investigating after she failed to receive a package she had been expecting from relatives in California, Good Morning America reported at the time.

Much to the resident’s delight, doorbell camera footage revealed the thief to be none other than her neighbor’s dog, a Great Pyrenees named Max.

Sadly, by the time the crime was solved, Max had already eaten the contents of the package — a box full of jerky and other food goods.

Lucky for Max, the treats had no negative effects on him and Goines assured she harbored no ill will toward the trickster.

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