Man’s ‘insane’ bathtub video stuns internet users: “I’m legit scared for him”

A French man is going viral on Twitter for an unfortunate reason after his strange bathtub video turned into a far larger dilemma.

Cyril Schreiner, a YouTuber and social media influencer, shared the unfortunate series of clips to his TikTok account throughout the final week of February.

In the videos, Schreiner reveals that he poured several Orbeez — tiny, toy beads that expand rapidly when placed in water — into his bathtub as an attempt to make a strange, viral video.

Schreiner succeeded on that front, but likely not in the way he expected. The YouTuber confessed in his videos that as the Orbeez expanded, he attempted to flush them down the drain, causing a neighborhood-wide plumbing dilemma.

A Twitter user named @yuqheis offered a commentary-filled play-by-play of the ordeal, sharing exactly how the seemingly innocent idea turned into a disaster. First, Schreiner’s toilet began overflowing, spilling the toy beads throughout his bathroom.

Then he attempted to vacuum up the mess, but the machine allegedly caught on fire. That’s when Schreiner realized the plumbing problem had spread beyond his own home.

“His hoover caught on fire when he tried to hoover them up, then he found out the orbeez invaded the entire sewer system in his neighbourhood,” @yuqheis wrote.

The end of Schreiner’s vacuuming video shows the influencer walking near his home and discovering a large collection of Orbeez under an outdoor drain. Things only continued to escalate from there.

“The orbeez actually blocked the entire water system in his neighborhood and he received a letter from town hall saying cops are searching for the culprit,” @yuqheis wrote.

A subsequent video shows matters getting even worse. Next, Schreiner can be seen giving a stressed-out speech to his camera before having a conversation with a police officer.

“Listen, I’m in s***!” the video’s caption reads in French.

The saga drew countless outlandish reactions online, as the original video posted by @yuqheis has been viewed more than 15 million times. Several users called it “embarrassing,” “idiotic” or “annoying.”

“Hope he can afford the cleanup,” one user quipped.

“I’m legit scared for him,” another added.

Many users also accused Schreiner of staging the video, as he has a history of sharing prank videos online and even joked about going to prison following the ordeal. Regardless of his intention, it seemed as though the results were, in fact, genuine — as stories of Orbeez clogging drains are pretty common.

“They’re great fun to play with in water troughs, in foot spas and even used decoratively in glass vases,” warns about the tiny toys. “But can be a major problem if put down the sink or toilet in their original form.”

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