Get an extra pair of hands in the kitchen with this $10 hack

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Food storage bags tend to be both convenient and a hassle. On one hand, they’re the perfect means of stowing away food while consolidating space in your refrigerator. On the other hand, they tend to require some tricks of the wrist to get them to just … work.

To remedy this problem, the folks at Jokari have invented a hack that keeps bags in place and a pair of these only costs $10.

Shop: Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand, 2 Pack, $9.99 (Orig. 12.99)

Credit: Amazon

The Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack is described to emulate the likeness of having “an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.”

“It’s hard to pour fluid food items without spilling,” the description reads. “The baggy rack pro holds the bag for you and keeps itself vertical while you carefully transfer meals.”

Using the product also could not be easier. Simply place the standing rack on a flat, clean surface, adjust the arms to your desired height or length, then clip your bag in. Make sure that the bottom of the bag is resting on and touching the base of the rack as well as the flat countertop surface.

Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand
Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand

Credit: Jokari

Contributing to its seamless functionality, the arms are also fully adjustable, making them easy to use with all types of food storage bags, including gallon, quart and sandwich sizes.

Providing double duty, this baggy rack stand also serves as a drying rack, encouraging users to wash and reuse food storage bags instead of discarding them and buying more.

Shoppers can’t seem to get enough of this kitchen hack with over 2,300 reviewers giving it a 5-star rating on Amazon.

“Such a time saver for freezer meals,” one shopper gushed. “It came exactly as described… Before, I would have to pour ingredients into one bag, squish the air out, seal, set aside and start over. Now, I set up how ever many bags I am making of the one recipe. Once the recipe is done I place the freezer meals into each hands free baggy, remove one at a time, seal, done!!!!… Genius!!”

Another shopper called this product a “necessity” while another added, “What did I do before I got these?”

Ease your load in the kitchen with these Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stands!

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