The one important thing you can do for your skin in your 30s, according to a dermatologist


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Beauty knows no age. That’s why every week, we’ll be featuring real people, experts and professionals from every generation to get the low-down on the best beauty tips and hidden hacks when it comes to their everyday routines. From hair care for women over 50 to the lip color every Gen-Zer needs to own, these are the game-changing secrets that you never knew you needed.

While we may not want to think about it, getting older is inevitable and for some, this may all be too overwhelming. Whether it’s knowing which beauty products to use or what the best practices are for maintaining healthy skin, there’s an overload of information that may be difficult to scour through.

Because of this, In The Know wanted to find the best tips to help guide you and make the process of aging not only enjoyable, but easy to manage — while considering all kinds of budgets. We interviewed two beauty professionals that gave us the lowdown on the most important beauty practices to consider in your 30s and how you can start incorporating them into your daily routine.

Although there are many options out there that are deemed as anti-aging and renewing, dermatologist Dr. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology in Brooklyn, New York, explained the one thing you can be doing for anti-aging and surprisingly, it’s as simple as using good ‘ole SPF.

She explains, “I would swap out any product you are currently using for one that adds SPF into its formulation. Protecting your face from the sun in your 30’s is the single most important thing you can be doing for anti-aging purpose[s].”

“Layer your sun coverage by using a SPF moisturizer, SPF eye shadow, SPF foundation etc. after that- apply your daily sunscreen” she continues. “You will be happy you did this in 20 years from now!”

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Specifically, Dr. Greenfield highly emphasizes applying SPF to your lips. She mentioned, “I am now in my 30’s and I started to wear a spf infused lip tint every day. Lips are an easily forgotten area of the face that gets a lot of UV [rays] when outside. I see a lot of sun damage on lips of middle aged women and men because they forgot to put sunscreen on that part of the face!” She particularly loves Coppertone’s SPORT Sunscreen lip balm that costs less than $4 on Amazon.

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For a tinted option, the Brooklyn-based dermatologist recommends the Lanolips tinted balm which she says, “provides soft subtle color and great sun coverage.”

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Celebrity makeup artist, Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, further supports the use of SPF for those in their 30s and told In The Know, “We have heard this over and over again, but sun over exposure can rapidly impact our skin in our early 30’s and leave lasting damage on our skin shortly after exposure. Sun damage is the number one most preventable stresses on our skin that can be combated so easily with sunscreen- even in the winter when we think we don’t need it! Use it! Your skin will love you and hold up for decades to come.”

Along with SPF, both beauty professionals seemed to also agree on another item that’s worth considering in your 30s: a dependable eye cream.

Dr. Greenfield said, “I would also start an eye cream now if you haven’t started one. This decade is where a lot of women notice the fat pads in the tear trough area atrophy. This can lead to bags and hollow area underneath the lower eyelids which creates an aged looking eye. A high quality eye cream can go a long way in preventing and correcting for this.”

Zdunowski-Roeder additionally stated, “Vitamin C eye cream. Our under eyes are the first place to start to go as we age so adding a maintenance under eye cream to your daily routine will keep that full, youthful radiance maintained for much longer than expected! You can’t go wrong with a little under eye love!” She calls the La Roche-Posay Redermic C Eye cream, “fabulous!”

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Overall, after hearing from two experts, SPF and eye creams are definitely worth thinking about as you are in, or start to approach, your 30s. And while some products may be more expensive than others, it’s great to find options that work well for you and your wallet. Either way, making the investment for your skin is one that can be super rewarding.

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