We taste-tested KFC’s ‘intimidating’ new sandwich: ‘This thing is a delicious monster’


KFC’s Chicken & Donuts sandwich is everything its name promises — and then some.

The massive, sugary-sweet sandwich, which launched at select stores last September, finally went nationwide on Feb. 24.

To be clear, the item consists of a breaded chicken filet wedged between two glazed donuts — basically, the donuts are buns, except they’re also donuts.

The sandwich is the latest in a long line of internet-breaking items that KFC has rolled out over the years, including the Pizza Twister, the Blazin’ Boxmaster and, of course, the infamous Double Down.

And as with many of those offerings, the Chicken & Donut sandwich won’t be around forever. KFC has said that the limited-edition item will be available until March 16, or as long as supplies last.

Each sandwich costs $5.99 (or 1,100 calories, depending on what sounds more costly), and customers can also purchase an individual donut for $1.

So is the sandwich worth its price tag? To answer that question, the In The Know team skipped breakfast one Friday morning to see if the hype was deserved. Here’s what went down.

What happened when we tried KFC’s Chicken & Donuts sandwich

Friday morning isn’t usually the best time for a slice of fried chicken, but it’s always the best time for several donuts. This was the problem at hand when KFC delivered 12 Chicken & Donuts sandwiches to In The Know’s New York office at 10:00 a.m.

But the item immediately earned its early arrival time. The sandwiches created a bull rush when they entered the office, with editors and video producers vaulting from their desks en masse to get a peak.

That’s because the sandwiches are indisputably eye-catching. There’s something animalistic about seeing fast-food staples — fried chicken and glazed donuts — coming together that creates an air of chaotic excitement.

The sandwiches are far more than eye candy though, and nearly every member of our team was stunned by just how satisfying the salty-sweet taste was (think: chicken and waffles, heavy on the syrup).

“This thing is a delicious monster,” one of our writers said. “It is just as divine as one would expect a literal piece of KFC chicken wedged between two full glazed donuts to be … The glaze works shockingly well with the classic KFC spice mix.”

“A nice balance of salty and sweet. The doughnut is also fluffy, which makes the sandwich look intimidating but well worth the mess for the great taste,” a video producer noted.

The messiness was (literally) a sticking point for many on the team, who said the sandwich was satisfying but extremely difficult to manage. Many noted that it’s possibly an item best consumed in private.

“Tastes like one of my midnight snack creations,” one producer said.

“It’s a great breakup food choice — as opposed to what you’d eat on a regular date,” another remarked. “[Or] great for a Friday night, when you don’t want to meet anyone, you’re sick and tired of the world and you want to treat yourself with something that restores your hope.”

Ultimately, anyone’s experience with the sandwich is going to vary based on their tolerance for messy, ultra-sweet snacks. But for fans of KFC’s track record of going way above and beyond with its menu items, it’s a must-try.


KFC sent a food stylist so we could try their new DONUT CHICKEN SANDWICH

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