This cult-favorite game can make any house party a hit

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There are board games, and then there's Settlers of Catan. Probably one of the most enjoyable, yet deeply complex games out there. It's an award-winning game that's been around for over 20 years and has been considered as one of the best board games in the world.

Now, the rules are notoriously a bit overwhelming, but for anyone who loves strategy and a bit of a challenge, then this is perfect for your game night.

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How it works: a general overview

The object of the game is to be the first one to score ten victory points. And you get these points through building settlements and cities, or by drawing specialty cards such as the "Longest Road" and the "Largest Army." For example, each settlement is worth one point and each city is worth is two points. In order to build a city or a settlement you need to have resources.

You get these resources through bartering and trading with other players, or through collecting the resources where your settlement is already placed on the board. Before the game starts, each player receives two settlements and two roads to place on the board wherever they choose. However, settlements must be placed at the corner of land tiles, and roads must always be placed directly next to them.

Now here's where the strategy comes into play. Depending on how the land tiles are placed and what each player rolls, you want to make sure that your settlement touches land tiles you think are the most valuable. That way, you have a better chance of getting the necessary resources to build.

It might be tricky to understand at first — and that's just scratching the surface — but it's a favorite for many on Amazon.

One reviewer said how the game was best game they've played.

"Easily the best board game I have every played. If you are looking for a solid family game night game or even a game to play with friends, this is the one. The game focuses a LOT on strategy & trading with others. Trading is a HUGE part of the game and the game board/map is completely customizable; Meaning not only the map, but the probability for each resource tile."