Woman discovers ‘horrible’ lie after boyfriend's proposal: ‘I’m beyond words’


A woman’s “perfect” proposal quickly went downhill after a discovery about her engagement ring sparked a series of lies from her fiancé.

The proposal, shared anonymously on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, began when the woman, identified only by her username u/thrwawaythrow, got engaged on Christmas day.

Her ring, which put her “over the moon,” came inside a Tiffany and Co. box, but was just a bit too big, so the woman went to get it resized at one of the brand’s stores.

“They take the ring and ask my for my fiancé’s info to look up in their system,” her Reddit post read. “They can’t find it and [the employee] takes the ring in the back. The manager comes back a little while after and says that this isn’t a Tiffany and Co. ring and shows me there’s no engraving inside.”

It turned out the ring was fake, a realization which the woman believed was probably the result of her fiancé getting scammed. She later learned there was a lot more going on though.

‘He flipped out’

When the woman’s fiancé got home that day, she asked him where he bought the ring. He responded that he’d bought it at a specific Tiffany and Co. location, but she pushed him on the issue after revealing her issue at the store.

“He flipped out and said that I was checking up on him and snooping for the price, etc.,” she wrote. “I was firm and said no I just wanted it resized and they told me it’s not from their company. He said that they’re wrong and he got it there.”

“He told me that I should have consulted him and he would have had it sized for me and that it feels like I’m going behind his back,” her post continued.

The original post ended there, but it was enough for several Reddit users to heavily criticize the woman’s fiancé, calling him a “liar” who was “gaslighting” her to cover his tracks.

“This is absolutely horrible, you are definitely [not the a******],” one user commented. “And I would seriously reconsider your relationship, huge red flags, especially his reaction.’

‘I’m beyond words’

But the saga didn’t end there. The woman updated her post a few days later to reveal that after snooping through the search history on her fiancé’s iPad, she’d found the actual ring he ordered — on Amazon for about $6.

“I’m beyond words. Not that it’s not a Tiffany ring, but that he was playing me with a $6 ring,” she wrote. “After he purchased a minibar and an OLED TV for himself on Black Friday. I can’t believe I went into Tiffany’s with a $5 rip off. I’m mortified.”

The Reddit user wrote that she confronted her fiancé again — this time over the phone — saying that she didn’t care about the ring’s price but was “devastated by the lies.”

“He started crying saying that he felt like he needed to get me the best but he couldn’t afford it,” the woman wrote. “I said but you could afford the [$3,000 you spent on things for yourself]. I told him I didn’t even need the Tiffany ring. That he could have bought a $200, 14k gold band at Macy’s.”

Her fiancé continued confessing, revealing that he borrowed the box from his friend, who had proposed with a Tiffany ring a few years prior.

“I hung up,” the woman wrote. “I texted him I need some space and time and I’m going to go stay at a hotel to just chill for a day.”

The post didn’t offer any further conclusion, leaving many Reddit users to speculate as to if the couple will — or should — stay together. However, commenters were overwhelmingly supportive of the heartbroken woman, telling her she “deserves better.”

“[By doing this] he’s telling you he’s a liar and a cheat who can’t be trusted. Believe him. If you marry him, it will get worse,” one commenter, who claimed to have experienced a similar betrayal, wrote. “Hold out for your real diamond and your real love.”

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