You can get unlimited coffee at Panera for only $8.99 a month

Whether you take it foamed or over ice, black or filled to the brim with your favorite sugary syrups, coffee drinkers know that your cup of joe does *not* come cheap.

Of course, you can save major bucks by making your own coffee at home. But for those caffeine cravers who'd rather stop by their favorite shop on the way to work or top off as an afternoon pick-me-up, a cup of coffee isn't really compatible with our bank accounts.

That financial loss doesn't matter to many millennials: One survey from 2017 found that 41 percent of millennials spend more on coffee in a year than they invest for their retirement. Another report from the same year estimated that the average Amerian spends $1,100 a year -- $3 every day -- on coffee. In New York, it's difficult to find a cup for under $5.

Those that have trouble kicking that caffeine habit may find some major relief in Panera's latest announcement.

On Thursday, the food chain announced that it's giving its customers unlimited coffee and tea for just $8.99 a month -- and the deal includes everything from hot and iced, decaf and caffeinated, as well as Panera's cult-favorite hazelnut-flavored coffee. Customers who take part in the deal can also choose between teas and plant-based milk, free of charge.

Basically, those who purchase at least two or three coffees a month have already made the most of this deal.

The subscription is the first of its kind for nationwide restaurants.

“Coffee is an important daily ritual for so many –it can give you a dose of optimism –it lifts you up. We kept asking ourselves, why can’t it be more accessible, more affordable? Moreover, could unlimited coffee translate to unlimited optimism?" said the chain's CEO Niren Chaudhary.

The deal allows subscribers to get their fix multiple times a day, refilling every 2 hours.

"Today, we’re changing the game for coffee drinkers across the country with our no compromises, unlimited subscription service—great coffee at an amazing value. We are eliminating the price barrier and the false choices between convenience and quality–between good coffee and craveable food. At Panera, there’s no more compromise—and your cup is always full.”

Customers can sign up here, or in stores beginning March 2.