A bunch of boyfriends think this woman on Facebook is a genius for her hack: 'IQ over 9 thousand'

It’s undeniable how much of a modern luxury online shopping is, but it does come with a couple of flaws. The item might not fit, the color might look different in real life versus online or maybe the style doesn’t mesh well with the other things you own.

Megan Papas figured out a solution.

Papas, who works for the New Zealand radio station ZM, posted a video on its Facebook page, revealing how she does her online shoe shopping. It’s been viewed over three million times and has over 53,000 comments.

Papas made a little cutout of herself and paired it with the shoes she likes online.

She simply printed out a photo of her posing at a side angle and cut off her feet. Now she holds it over the screen whenever she eyes a pair of shoes to make sure they mesh well with clothes she already owns and wears.

A significant number of comments do appear to be boyfriends tagging their girlfriends asking them to start doing this.

“You should get this,” one commenter wrote.

Another boyfriend tagged his girlfriend and wrote, “im making you [do] this to stop my ears bleeding.”

“IQ over 9 thousand,” another person replied.

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