This $18 straw is a must-have for your emergency survival kit


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When it comes to survival situations, luck tends to favor the prepared. And now you can be counted as one of the prepared ones with this straw that turns contaminated water into drinking water.

It's called the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter and it literally sucks out contaminants from your water. According to the product description, it removes 99.9999 percent of bacteria, parasites and microplastics from water as you drink it.

It's capable of filtering 1000 gallons of contaminated water, which is enough for fives years according to the company website. It's great for hiking, camping, traveling or if you ever find yourself in a Bear Grylls-type situation.

Shop: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $17.47 ($19.95)

And the best part is, this Lifestraw filter doesn't require excess materials like batteries, pumps or tablets. All you have to do is place the straw into the water and drink up. Inside the straw are microscopic pores of 0.2 microns size that separate all the dirty stuff and allow clean water to freely flow directly to your mouth.

At just two ounces, it's super lightweight and can easily be packed inside a bag or purse. Additionally, it's recyclable and doesn't contain any BPA materials.

With nearly 8,600 positive reviews, Amazon shoppers agree this product is a must-have for times of need.

One reviewer said it helped saved their life while in the Adirondack Mountains.

"I am going to keep this one simple. Recently I got stranded in the back woods of the Adirondack Mountains. I had ran out of water earlier on the first day and used this until I was rescued on the morning of day three. THIS WORKS, this helped save my life. If you hike YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT."

Another reviewer revealed how it's a tool they use they take in remote places.

"I keep one of these in my pack when hiking or going anywhere remote, as well as in my fishing tackle box on the lake. I’ve had to use it several times on the lake where otherwise I would have been severely dehydrated. Filters great. Personally, I only drink from PUR water filters as I’m a bodybuilder and regulate my diet to this point. This filter does just as well and it’s direct. It is quite difficult to bring the water to the straw but I don’t mind knowing that my water is pure. A child most likely couldn’t use it...but it could save your life."