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Man calls out McDonald’s after finding ‘monstrosity’ inside meal: ‘How am I supposed to eat this?’

A Canadian man threw the internet into a frenzy after showing what happened when he asked for “extra cream cheese” with his McDonald’s order.

Bryan Passifiume, a reporter for the Toronto Sun, shared his “monstrosity” of a breakfast sandwich to Twitter on Feb. 25, showing his followers just how literally the word “extra” was taken.

“LOL, what the hell,” Passifiume wrote in his initial post, before sharing a series of in-depth photos of his head-scratching order.

“More photos of this monstrosity,” his second tweet, which now has more than 13,000 likes, read. “I ordered extra cream cheese as they usually just apply it like butter, but this is clearly just an exercise in passive-aggressiveness. How do I possibly eat this?”

Passifiume then went on to compare his bagel sandwich, to a series of objects in his office — including a toy football and even a Geiger counter —demonstrating just how much cream cheese he’d gotten.

“Almost as girthy as a regulation NHL hockey puck,” he wrote in one tweet, shortly after photographing the sandwich next to a lottery ticket.

The gigantic sandwich, nicknamed the “McMonstrosity,” made its way into photos with several of Passifiume’s Toronto Sun coworkers — but never into an actual person’s stomach. Instead, the journalist returned to the same McDonald’s the following day, reporting back with a sandwich comparison.

“Here’s yesterday’s McMonstrosity next to today’s offering,” he wrote. “As you can see the cream cheese has yellowed and crusted overnight, and the bagel has shriveled. It’ll probably end up in the trash, or I’ll pretend to compost it.”

Passifiume’s tweets garnered a wide range of reactions from Twitter users, some of whom seemed to agree that the order was dissatisfying.

“Just looking at it makes me want to throw up,” one wrote.

“I can’t get Big Mac sauce on my cheeseburger and this guy got $300 worth of cream cheese on one bagel!” another joked.

Others were more forgiving though, with several claiming that in certain places — particularly New York — that was not that much cheese.

“Dude I’m from New York, I’ve gotten that on a bagel where I asked them to ‘go light on the cream cheese,'” one user wrote.

Even McDonald’s Canada responded to the thread, with the company apologizing for its mistake and asking Passifiume to contact them so they could resolve the issue.

“Only if you plan on rewarding whoever was responsible,” Passifiume responded.

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