Instagram has a field day with newly dropped high-fashion item: 'Not paying $1700 for donut glaze'


The French fashion house Maison Margiela is getting some attention online — but maybe not for the reasons it would want.

A unique pair of sneakers are being sold online for $1,143 and is a fusion of mesh fabric and leather. They follow the now-popular chunky shoe trend, but with a twist: It's meant to look like hot wax is dripping over them.

The shoes are currently on sale on the e-commerce sites Matches Fashion and Coggles.

Matches Fashion describes the shoes as a "showcase [for] the label’s penchant for creating avant-garde and instantly recognizable footwear silhouettes through their unmistakable deconstructed aesthetic."

Coggles says that the shoes are a "disruption" to the fashion industry: "Each pair is crafted by hand, the hot glue droplets symbolic of the human craftsmanship that has gone into their inception."

Instagram users had some choice words to say about the shoes as well. The popular account, The Shade Room, posted a photo of the shoes and inspired a plethora of hilarious comments by people who seemed to not be as entranced as Matches Fashion and Coggles were with the style.

"Not paying $1700 for donut glazed sneakers lol," one person wrote.

Another commenter described them as "Walmart sneakers with hot glue."

"I'm about to go spill candle wax on my sneakers too and sell them for 2,000," a third replied.

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