Milk Makeup co-founder Zanna Roberts Rassi's go-to products from her vegan beauty brand


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Did you know that one of E!'s most recognizable personalities also co-founded a hugely popular beauty brand?

The network's fashion correspondent, Zanna Roberts Rassi, established Milk Makeup with her husband, Mazdack Rassi, as well as Georgie Greville and Dianna Ruth in 2016. The 100% vegan brand was born out of Milk Studios in New York City with a mission to create products using "good ingredients" for an "epic payoff."

During New York Fashion Week, In The Know caught up with Zanna between her celeb interviews to hear about the Milk Makeup products that she considers to be essential in her busy, everyday life.

"There a hundreds of amazing products in our line, but I have a few that get me through Fashion Week," Roberts Rassi declared before calling out Vegan Milk Moisturizer, Kush Glaze Lip Mask, Vegan Milk Facial Cleanser and Kush Mascara as the go-to products from her company.

Keep reading below for why these are Zanna Roberts Rassi's must-have Milk Makeup products.

Shop: Vegan Milk Moisturizer, $38

"Vegan Milk Moisturizer contains four vegan milks," Roberts Rassi told ITK. "It actually contains oat milk, desert milk and calahari melon, which gives it this color. After a long day of fashion shows, bad food [and] air conditioned buildings, this is my favorite go-to."

Shop: Kush Glaze Lip Mask, $25.73

"I'm on camera a lot, and my lips get extremely dry, but this baby is my holy-grail. It's got a very cooling metal tip, it's called Kush Glaze," she explained. "'Kush' because it contains hemp-derived cannabis oil. It leaves a really cute little shine, and it contains a little bit of peppermint, so you get a tiny bit of tingle."

Shop: Vegan Milk Facial Cleanser, $30

"Luckily for me, we finally launched Vegan Milk Cleanser. Now, I say 'luckily,' because I wear an awful lot of makeup throughout the day. I'm on camera a lot. This is the holy-grail of cleansers," she said. "I get home, I rub a little bit on my skin, get it with a little hot water, it turns into a milky foam, I wash it off and I am fresh as a daisy. This is a new launch and, again, it's vegan and contains all the delicious milks of Vegan Milk Moisturizer."

Shop: Kush Mascara, $16.39

"Another of my Milk Makeup must-haves: This is Kush Mascara — the award-winning Kush Mascara," the E! host said. "It actually contains hemp-derived cannabis oil, and we were the first people to put it into a color product such as mascara. Turns out, it's really nourishing for your lashes. [...] It gives you super high lashes, pun intended."