16,000 Amazon users agree these wool dryer balls make laundry easier

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There's no denying that doing a load of laundry can be a total drag. From separating your dirty laundry pile into multiple loads to having to hand-wash select pieces and then having your towels only dry halfway in your dryer, laundry is never a great time... but we love a good life hack when it comes to household drudgery.

Thanks to Amazon's Best Sellers lists, we have found a super affordable laundry product that will help to cut down on your dry time while also softening and fluffing your clothes: meet the Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep.

Shop: Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep 6-Pack, $14.40 (Orig. $16.95)

These dryer balls (that come 6 to a set) are made of 100 percent wool and help to soften your laundry naturally, so you can take your harsh chemical softeners and dryer sheets out of your laundry room for good! Plus, when you toss a few of these balls into your dryer along with your wet clothes, they help to break up any clothes or towels or sheets that tend to stick together so they can dry properly.

Plus, the wool can also help to suck out the water and condensation from inside your dryer, helping to cut down on dry time! One Amazon reviewer shared that they were "impressed that they cut my drying time on towels from 180 mins to 80 minutes."

Another pleased customer said, "I bought these dryer balls as a spur of the moment decision and have been very happy that I did. They are solid but soft and about the size of a large orange or small grapefruit. They are a permanent fixture in my dryer and have helped keep my laundry soft and unless I overload the dryer, they really do help reduce the dry time."

Bring home 6 dryer balls for just $14.40 right now!

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