Customers shocked after Starbucks employee ‘exposes’ drive-thru secret: ‘I feel violated’


A Starbucks employee is “exposing” a secret about the chain’s ordering process, thanks to a series of viral videos that left some customers dumbfounded.

The reveal is courtesy of @xoxobritttt, a TikTok user who has racked up more than 70,000 followers since sharing her first Starbucks-themed clip on Feb. 14. In it, the 22-year-old, who identifies herself as simply “Brittney” on social media, shocks an unsuspecting pair of customers by singing to them through the drive-thru speaker.

But it’s the footage itself that apparently took so many social media users by surprise. Brittney’s videos feature an inside-the-store view of each group of customers, therefore revealing that the coffee chain keeps cameras inside its drive-thrus.

The fact that patrons were being watched as they ordered seemed to shock several customers.

“Apparently the drive-thru workers can see you when you order???? idk how to explain it but i feel violated,” one Twitter user wrote, sharing a version of Brittney’s clips that has now been viewed nearly 4 million times.

The clip drew mixed reactions across the board, with some users agreeing that they were totally unaware that Starbucks had drive-thru cameras.

“This explains so much,” one user wrote.

“Actually, The more I watch this, the more I have to go back and think about all the s*** me and bae have either done or said in the drive thru,” another Twitter user commented.

“So they see me digging my nose is what you’re saaaayyying,” one user added.

Others, meanwhile, were far less stunned by the reveal, stating they were either aware of the cameras or simply assumed they were there.

“Yall didnt know this?” one person commented.

“Went to Starbucks with a friend and they didn’t have the drink I wanted and my jaw dropped bc I was so looking forward to it and the guy goes ‘yeah I know, it’s my favorite too. I can see you on the camera,'” another shared.

Some users pointed out that the cameras were helpful with knowing when a car had arrived, while others noted that most fast-food restaurants have security sensors for that purpose, regardless of video equipment.

Brittney, on the other hand, seemingly wasn’t trying to reveal anything. She told Delish that her videos were simply about sharing reactions to her singing — something she’d been doing long before starting her TikTok account.

“When I originally started singing to my customers in the drive-thru I was trying to make them smile,” she said. “I usually work nights so I get them at the end of their day and I just hope to make their day a little bit better.”