Lil Jon knows a thing or two about tequila


Lil Jon knows how to turn a party up in more ways than one.

The Atlanta-based rapper, known for ushering in one of the most iconic sounds in hip hop, has another special talent: tequila connoisseur.

When the talented music producer isn't making magic in the studio, you can probably find him making margaritas at his massive at-home bar. The star recently sat down with AOL to discuss all things tequila -- and music, too.

"Anything tequila related, I'm down with it," the rapper told AOL's Tatiana Pile. "I've been drinking tequila for over 20 years, rappers are drinking Henny and vodka and Hypnotiq but I've been on tequila. It just gives you a different, smoother buzz and I really like [it], especially Don Julio," he continued.

To celebrate his love of tequila, Lil Jon teamed up with Postmates to release the second limited-edition Tequila Don Julio Party Pack ahead of National Margarita Day.

Take a look at some of the top National Margarita Day cocktails in the slideshow below:

"With this party pack, we have all the ingredients for you to make [margaritas] and you'll see how easy it really is," Jon says. "And we're using the fresh stuff, not the super sugary, processed ingredients."

Watch the hilarious promo vid below:

Postmates users in the greater Los Angeles area, San Francisco, Miami, and New York can order the complimentary, limited-edition Don Julio Party Pack for National Margarita Day while supplies last. The kit includes everything you need including agave and fresh lime juice along with an aptly themed tote bag, coasters, lime squeezer, cups, straws and more. Tequila Don Julio Blanco must be purchased separately.