This Walmart employee has social media rolling – here's why

A Walmart employee in Maryland has gone viral for her hilarious, deadpan expressions while promoting the store’s products.

Since January, Walmart North East has shared photos of the woman — only identified as Charlene — modeling with the store’s products on Facebook. Though the items vary from picture to picture, one thing remains the same: Charlene’s straight face.

In one photo, Charlene is seen wearing two different hats while seeming apathetic.

“‘A great hat speaks for itself,'” the image’s caption reads. “We have hats. It’s National Hat Day. At your local North East Walmart.”

Subsequent photos show Charlene in more absurd situations. One photo shows the Walmart employee riding a scooter with a basket full of Fritos.

“Got dip for that chip?” the caption asks. “Happy National Corn Chip Day! At your local North East Walmart.”

Unsurprisingly, Facebook users were amused.

“I need your autograph before you get any more famous!!!!” one person joked.

Perhaps the most hysterical image is one that shows Charlene lounging in a shopping cart as she holds a bunch of cabbage.

“Today is National Cabbage day!” Walmart North East wrote. “Got Cabbage? At your local North East Walmart.”

Never change, Charlene. Never change.