Supreme and Oreo are collaborating on a new, fashion-forward cookie — but they're not cheap


From nunchucks to fire extinguishers to dog bowls, Supreme has never run low on objects to brand with its iconic, bright-red logo — but the company’s latest drop really feels like something special.

That’s because it’s not just an accessory — it’s an edible accessory.

The new collaboration will see Supreme team up with Oreo to make a bright red, streetwear-approved cookie.

The new product was announced as part of Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which notes that the cookies will be sold in packs of three. The packs are rumored to cost $8, according to Hypebeast.

You might want to be careful before taking a bite, though. The packs are likely to sell out quick, and eBay listings for what appear to be early release editions are already through the roof — one bid has already reached $510.

It’s unclear exactly when the cookies will be out (Oreo’s official Twitter account simply wrote “dropping soon” when revealing the product), but for those looking to get a first look, some Twitter users have revealed what they claim to be the complete packaging.

In addition to the Oreo collab, Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection features record players, lawn chairs, goggles, studded belts and Ziploc bags. You can check out the full list here.

Oreo, meanwhile, has its own set of new products coming down the pipeline. The snack brand started 2020 by revealing caramel coconut and chocolate marshmallow flavored versions of its iconic cookie.