Keep your travel plans worry-free with this nifty luggage tool for airport travel


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Ever get worried about losing your luggage at the airport, or missing your luggage at baggage claim? Yeah, us too.

There's nothing more frustrating than losing your luggage. The time wasted at the airport lost and found can really cut into your vacation time. But thankfully there is a way to help keep you from losing track of your precious valuables.

Listed as one of Amazon's Choice items, the Swiftfinder Smart Luggage Tag is a Bluetooth tracker that allows you to locate your luggage from multiple places in the airport. All you have to do is download the Swiftfinder app on your phone, attach its key tag to your luggage, and you're all set.

Shop: SwiftFinder Item Locator Phone Finder Smart Luggage Tag, $19.99

Once the tag is synced with your phone, you're able to get real-time updates about where your luggage is. For example, the Separation Alert feature notifies you when you've left your luggage behind. The app even makes a loud alarm noise that tells you when your luggage is out of range for the locator service. According to the product description, the tracker has a range of 160 feet.

Another handy feature is that the app can tell you the last seen location of your luggage, as well as other personal items. According to the product description on the company website, "the SwiftFinder app automatically remember [sic] the location where it saw your missed things before they are left behind."

The app even works for your phone itself, as you can actually ring your device by pressing a button on the key tag — even if its silent mode!

One buyer wrote how impressed they were with the detailed information the app sent about their luggage's location.

"Downloaded the app that goes with this and was very impressed with the results. It showed a map. What street it is on and has the option to ring the device to find it. I placed it with my kindle and include a picture of the search inside the included app. This would be great for anyone who loses thing all the time like I do lol. Probably will purchase more of these to keep track of even more things I lose," their review said.

Another recent reviewer recalled how they used the tag to locate other personal belongings.

"I’m thrilled with this, and it’s priceless if you’re a person like me who can lose track of items easily! It was very very simple to use and the app is easy too, believe it’s available in both App Store and Google Play!! Even if you don’t lose track of items, keeping it in your backpack or luggage when traveling can help ensure you can always find and if you have something of great value, it’s totally worth it’s weight in gold to throw this discreet, thin, and lightweight tracker in with those items. Or use with every day items like keys, purses, backpacks, etc."