Bride-to-be sends stranger 'nasty string of emails' demanding bizarre favor: 'This is mine'


Reddit user ClockworkMoose shared an unbelievable story onto the forum's "petty revenge" page that detailed their wild interaction with a bride-to-be.

According to the post, ClockworkMoose started receiving a bunch of wedding RSVPs to their email and had no idea what was going on — until the bride-to-be reached out and explained that they shared a first name and the fiancé's last name.

The bride apparently didn't know that ClockworkMoose already owned the email account, so she asked for them to hand over their password or reset the account so she can take over the email address.

"I reply again that she's going to need to pick a new account, this is mine, it's my full name, I've had it for a literal decade," ClockworkMoose writes on the post.

The bride then replies with a "nasty string of emails" saying that ClockworkMoose was ruining her life and her wedding, and claims she will sue ClockworkMoose for a lot of money if they don't turn over the email address.

ClockworkMoose then figures out what happened and why the bride is so angry: "She put my email on her wedding invites and sent them out to people without first registering the email address herself. It's printed and in the mail. It's permanent."

After an awful-sounding back-and-forth, ClockworkMoose tries to extend an olive branch by saying they'll even forward the RSVPs to the bride so she doesn't have to change the email address listed on the invite.

"She sends back a nasty email full of expletives and name calling again demanding my password or nothing."

After blocking her email, ClockworkMoose got their revenge by responding to the people who are RSVPing: "'I'm sorry, you're not invited to my wedding.' This has the benefit of being 100% true, albeit deceptive."

This apparently is not an isolated or unique incident, as several other Reddit users replied with similar stories.

"I got it on Twitter once. It was some person that basically said I stole their identity by having the handle I had, and I had to give it to them. I pointed out I had been on twitter a lot longer than them, and I wasn't changing. Has to be kids thinking they can just demand something they want," one user wrote.

"I have the same problem. I registered my gmail address first the first week of April 2004 which was during the by invitation beta test period for Gmail," wrote another user. "Other people with the same first and last names have registered email addresses that area close to mine and all their mail get funneled into my account. Plus there is the dot no dot issue with gmail so that just makes it worse. I have received phots of people in compromising situations, divorce papers, STD test results, real estate contractors, court summons, receipts, lots of pornography, and the list goes on."