6-year-old pens searing letter after fight with teacher: ‘Please read the note’


A six-year-old boy is going viral on Twitter after airing his frustrations in an impressively angry letter to his teacher.

Twitter user @HelloKennedi shared a photo of the letter, which she said she discovered through the Facebook page of her friend Jaquya Bradford, on Feb. 13. The post skyrocketed in popularity, gaining more than 170,000 likes in slightly more than a day.

“This lady on facebook said her coworker had to have a conference with her sons teacher because of a note he wrote. Y’all. Please read the note,” @HelloKennedi’s post read.

According to the note, the boy, named Isaiah, became “angry” with his teacher, Ms. Jones, after she took away 25 of his “hummingbird bucks” because he was chatting with a friend during class.

“That’s no big deal,” Isaiah goes on to explain. “I’m only 6 I can’t be quiet all the time and that makes you a theif [sic] and a crook.”

Isaiah continues by saying that Ms. Jones is “going to hell” for what she’s done, emphasizing that he means “real hell the burning 1.” He adds that earlier in the day he prayed that “god gets [her] to hell fast superfast,” before concluding that the teacher’s “new hair cut is bad real bad.”

Despite the letter’s sharp tone, it gained plenty of love from Twitter users, many of whom were impressed by Isaiah’s writing skills.

“Okay but, the sentence structure and spelling is amazing for a 6 year old,” one user wrote.

“Can Isaiah write a letter to the IRS for me?” another joked.

Other users seemed stunned by the 6-year-old’s ability to make up such cutting insults, theorizing that maybe he’d managed to get under Ms. Jones’ skin.

“I bet she’s in the mirror RIGHT NOW looking at that haircut,” one user wrote.

“this is a real one. he signed his name and everything. wow!” another added.