Wedding party drops out over bride's comments: 'She deserves for her wedding to be ruined'


A would-be bridesmaid took to Reddit last week after her soon-to-be-wed friend’s homophobic comments led to multiple members dropping out of the wedding party at the last minute.

The poster claimed that her friend Kelly, who was set to be married on Feb. 8, originally asked her and three other friends to serve as bridesmaids on her big day.

Ten days before the wedding, however, Kelly told her bridesmaid Ellis that she and her girlfriend Anita were no longer welcome at the wedding after her future in-laws allegedly became furious upon learning a gay couple was invited to the ceremony.

Ellis was devastated and called the Redditor in tears to seek advice, which prompted her to call Kelly for answers. The bridezilla apparently tried to brush off the matter and even had the audacity to ask for Ellis’ bridesmaid dress “because she found someone to replace her.”

“I pretty much lost it right there,” the user wrote, adding she went on to chastise the bride before informing her she would also not be attending the soiree.

The woman’s boyfriend, who was set to be the best man, heard the conversation and texted the groom, Eric, to let him know he was also dropping out of the wedding party over his fiancée’s behavior.

The groom reacts

After the post blew up on Reddit, the original poster returned with a thank you message to everyone who had left kind messages for Ellis, along with a shocking update: the wedding was apparently called off entirely.

“So yesterday was a huge s*** show,” she wrote. “The groom, Eric…apologized to Ellis. He also wanted to make a few things clear. He had no idea Kelly would go behind his back and tell Ellis and Anita they aren’t welcome to the wedding. And most importantly, his parents didn’t say any of those things.”

“His father made an off-hand comment which translates to ‘what’s a good girl like Ellis doing with another woman?'” she continued, noting the comment was made in a “dialect” other than English that both she and Kelly understand perfectly.

“His mother said ‘children these days thinks different, you antique cow shouldn’t talk so much.’ Kelly took it upon herself to interpret that her future-in-laws (FILs – sorry about the confusion y’all) meant they hated homosexuals. FILs weren’t furious and never said Ellis and Anita aren’t welcome to the wedding. Kelly and a few of us speak that dialect fluently, there’s no way she didn’t understand exactly what Eric’s parents said.”

The Redditor also explained that the entire group lives in a staunchly-homophobic country “where gay marriage is non-existent.” She did not reveal the exact location, likely to protect her friends from retaliation.

“In fact if you are LGBTQ, you as a person don’t exist,” she wrote.

The woman then shared that the wedding was called off, as “Eric wants to step back and think if Kelly is the right match for him.”

“This is 100% the right thing”

Reddit users sounded off in the comments, resoundingly in support of the bridesmaid who took a stand against the bride’s cruelty.

“This is 100% the right thing for OP to do and, frankly, she deserves for her wedding to (be) ruined by catering to homophobes and being so horrible to her ‘friends,'” one person wrote.

“Agree 100%,” said another. “You are perfectly modeling what to do when presented with evidence that someone in your life is an unrepentant bigot.”

Meanwhile, Ellis and Anita are planning to travel to Canada or Taiwan to get a marriage license and hold a “mini banquet” back in their home country sometime this year, the original poster shared.

“I told Ellis about this post and both of us have read every single reply,” she added. “Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, stories and suggestions on how I could’ve handled it better.”