Prankster films residents reacting to latest stunt: 'Is this for real right now?'

A Russian man thought it would be funny to prank the people in his apartment building by sticking a fake portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the elevator wall — and, boy, the reactions are great.

Luckily, the man also thought to install a video camera to capture the priceless reactions. The Moscow Times Twitter account shared the footage, which included people cursing, laughing, trying to pull it off the wall and fake bowing.

The hilarious clip has over two million views so far and has been retweeted over 12,000 times.

"There's a camera in his eyes, he's surveilling us," joked one woman. Another had her friend snap a picture of her pretending to bow in front of the portrait.

"My god..." one woman walking her dog muttered when she got on the elevator.

"Is this for real right now?" asked another building tenant, as she inspected the portrait closely.

One woman looked inside the elevator, shrugged, and then continued walking by the elevator instead of getting on.

Tons of Twitter users who responded thought it was hilarious and even proposed someone try to do it in the U.S.

Several others, on the other hand, seemed to express concern over the passengers' faces not being blurred out.