These made-for-men sheet masks are a total game changer


The video above features face masks made by HETIME in addition to other companies.

Skincare for men just got a whole lot easier.

As skincare has become more and more part of the conversation around self-care and beauty, the market has become flooded with products made for men, all aiming to make taking care of your face more accessible for those of us with Y chromosomes.

And while we're happy with the surplus of available options for daily moisturizers with SPF, exfoliating scrubs and serums, there has yet to be an offering for men in the Instagram-friendly arena of sheet masks — until now!

Thanks to HETIME, men now have sheet masks made just for us: The brand offers two kinds of sheet masks that are "shaped and formulated for men," claiming that 90 percent of men saw immediately visible results after using their products.

Perhaps the biggest game changer offered by HETIME's masks come from their shape, which doesn't compete with whatever your facial hair situation may be: While most classic sheet masks cover your full face, forehead to chin, HETIME's masks for men stop at the side of your mouth, meaning that there's no excess material uselessly hanging over your beard or stubble, unable to stick.

Credit: HETIME

Speaking of the material, the face masks are also made out of biodegradable cellulose fiber and formulated using all-natural ingredients like green tea, coconut water, cedarwood and moringa.

We recently tested out HETIME's masks, and we were instantly obsessed: Gone are the days of floppy sheet masks hanging loosely over our stubble or the slight sting that comes from ingredients you aren't so sure about. We can't recommend these enough, whether you're a fellow skincare-obsessed guy or someone who is a bit more apprehensive about testing out new self-care practices.

There are currently two types of face masks offered by HETIME: One revitalizing and one anti-aging, both of which are available on the brand's website in packs of one, four, eight and 12.

Credit: HETIME

If you love the results, you can also sign up for one of three monthly subscription options: $25 for four, $50 for eight and $75 for 12 masks.

Check out HETIME's face masks for men here.