Pet owner shocked by question from his ‘talking’ cat: ‘Are you coming?’


Talking cats are nothing new. From "Garfield" and "The Lion King" to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical, "Cats," most people are pretty used to hearing (fictional) felines speak their minds.

But fiction turned into reality for TikTok user Ike Tommy, who was surprised to hear his cat asking him what sounded like a real, human-voiced question.

Tommy captured the exchange on video, and the clip has since gone completely viral — receiving more than 2 million likes in its first two days online.

At the beginning of the video, Tommy’s cat can be heard meowing from the next room. Shortly after, the animal lets out a noise that sounds like a child asking, "Are you coming?"

Tommy flashes the camera to reveal that the noise did, in fact, come from a cat, after which he asks it, "What did you just say?"

The footage drew thousands of comments from fellow TikTok users, many of whom joked that the clip provided evidence that all animals can secretly talk.

"She was like, 's*** wasn’t supposed to say that,'" one user commented.

"She looked like she was busted. Broke cat code," another added.

"I mean uh… meow?" another wrote from the perspective of the cat.

This isn’t the first time a "talking" feline has gone viral in recent months. In December, a cat broke the internet after appearing to say, "Well, hi" in a Southern accent.

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