Woman stunned after catching 'celebrity' watching her from neighbor's window: 'What a plot twist'


A Scottish woman’s concern about her neighbor turned into a hilarious "celebrity" sighting after she managed to get a better view.

Amy Macdonald, a popular singer-songwriter living in Glasgow, shared the outrageous realization in a Twitter thread. Macdonald told her followers she’d received the photos from her friend, who saw her neighbor gazing out of her window one morning.

"My mate was in work and she noticed a woman standing at the window in one of the flats opposite," Macdonald wrote, along with a photo of a woman standing in the window of her friend’s apartment.

"She started to get a bit worried when hours had passed and this woman had not moved,” Macdonald added. “She went to get a better view."

That’s when Macdonald shared what her friend realized several hours later — that the "woman" standing in the window was actually just a cardboard cutout.

"Och, just a cardboard cutout of Judi Dench," she wrote, revealing that the neighbor had propped a life-sized version of the acclaimed British actress.

The reveal that the person in the window was actually a cutout of Dench, who has starred in movies such as "Shakespeare in Love," "Chocolat" and several films in the "James Bond" franchise, drew a surge of Twitter reactions.

"What a plot twist!" one user wrote.

"You have taken TV reality to a new level," another added.

"Tell her to stop being nosey lol," another wrote.