This film buff photoshopped his dog into a bunch of movie posters, and Oscars season has never been cuter

Which movie sounds like a better watch: "Ford v. Ferrari" or "Corgi v. Ferrari?" How about "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' vs. "Once Upon A Time In Fluffywood?"

The latter options might not be "real" movies, exactly — but thanks to Bryan Reisberg and his adorable corgi, Maxine, they might as well be.

Reisberg, a self-described film obsessive, has owned Maxine since early 2016. Now, thanks to Reisberg’s photoshop skills, his pup is getting the chance to star in nearly all of 2019’s most memorable movies.

The beyond-impressive movie posters — full of outrageous puns and Corgi-themed actor names — throw Maxine into big-screen blockbusters like "Joker" and "Hustlers," as well as indie favorites like "Uncut Gems" and "The Lighthouse."

And it’s just in time for the 2020 Oscars, which air on Sunday, Feb. 9 — sadly, there probably won’t be any corgis present.

Reisberg, who went viral on Instagram last year when he photoshopped Maxine into several of 2018’s most popular movies, told In The Know that he decided to step up his game this year.

Credit: Bryan Reisberg/Universal Pictures

"I put her in a poster and it was sort of just like, 'Oh, this is funny — we should do this more,'" he said. "I kind of see it as a fun challenge to see a poster and be like, ‘Yeah, I could recreate this or do something funny."

Reisberg studied film in college, so he takes the process very seriously, spending hours obsessing over every single part of each poster he’s remaking. The New York resident told In The Know he likely spent 27 hours creating this year’s most difficult design — "Once Upon A Time In Fluffywood."

Credit: Bryan Reisberg/STX Films
Credit: Bryan Reisberg/STX Films

Credit: Bryan Reisberg/STX Films

"Every single poster, I get really rigid about the details," he told In The Know. "I deconstruct every element of the poster, and replicate it as closely as possible."

Of course, Maxine also plays a major role. The adorable corgi has become Instagram famous over the past few years, with Reisberg and his wife sharing photos of her alongside famous movie quotes. Her account, "Maxine the Fluffy Corgi," now has more than 280,000 followers.

And while that following has helped Reisberg’s posters gain a larger audience, he told In The Know he’s not likely to do it again next year. Reisberg said he’d rather try something new, but whatever it is, it will almost certainly involve both Maxine and movies.

In the meantime, Reisberg will be watching the Oscars on Sunday, where he’s pulling for the South Korean thriller "Parasite" to win for best picture but believes the WWI film "1917" will probably take home the prize.

As for Maxine? Reisberg said her favorite movie of the year was either the J.Lo-starring "Hustlers," or Greta Gerwig’s "Little Women" remake.